A little Mother’s Day fun!


Happy Mother’s Day! (a little-belated ūüėČ )

I’m a little late getting this posted, well, because I was getting ready for and enjoying Mother’s Day!

This is Me, my grandson Jase, and my beautiful Mommy! ¬†She is the sweetest person I know, and I inherited her whimsical spirit! ¬†That’s why I knew she would love these cute little flowery pins. ¬†I let her take first pick, then let the others choose the ones they liked. ¬†We all had a very nice day at my sister’s new house, and enjoyed our time and dinner together!

pinsI made these pins for my own Mom, sister,¬†sister-in-law, and daughters. ¬†At least, the ones that have children! ¬†I did, however, forget to make one for myself. ¬†But, oh well! ¬†You’ll have that!

They are made of polymer clay, plus a little bit of Pearlex mica powder and varnish!  I used a technique called polymer clay embroidery.  It was rather fun, actually!

New Granny Quilter Doll! SOLD


So, I was asked to create a quilter art doll by someone whose church group wanted to give it to one of their members as a gift. ¬†And this is what I came up with! ¬†I’m pretty happy with how she turned out!

WIP This is the skeleton of a grandma quilter art doll I'm working on. She is a commission! :-D

I started with the chair. ¬†LOL ¬†It is about 6 inches high. ¬†Then I took two long pieces of wire and twisted them, and then formed them together to create the “skeleton”. ¬†I then used polymer clay to make some “bones”, leaving certain joints uncovered, so she could be posable later! ¬†Adding the bones also made it a little heavier, so she’d sit solidly in her rocking chair. ¬†After this basic beginning, I added more clay to make her head, arms, legs, and shoes. ¬†Sorry I didn’t get pictures of that process. ¬†My bad.

Granny Quilter

After all that, I created a “skin” out of cloth and stuffed it with batting. ¬†I had to stitch up all the arms, legs, and neck AFTER it was on her, or I wouldn’t have been able to get it on her at all. ¬†Boy was THAT fun. ¬†LOL

Granny Quilter

Here she is, all stuffed, and ready for clothes! ¬†I’m sorry, but I forgot to get pictures of that process too. ¬†This was my first time dressing a doll with actual cloth, so it was a bit of a hair pulling experience. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†You can’t really see it in the photo, but she is holding a “needle” in her fingers! ¬†She is quilting, after all!

Granny Quilter

I just had to share this moment with you! ¬†I am trying to stitch up the neck of her dress, and my eyes are not cooperating. ¬†So, I had to use my big magnifier thingy! ¬†I REALLY need new glasses. ¬†LOL ¬†She’s also received her wig, which I made of wool roving.

Granny Quilter

The next thing I had to do was make her quilt. ¬†Let me just say… I’m not a quilter. ¬†I’m barely a sewer. ¬†But shall we say it turned out “rustic”? ¬†ūüėČ

Granny Quilter

And here she is!  Granny Quilter is finished!  I decided to do a simple face on her.  I think it leant a peaceful aura to her, overall.  What do you think?  I hope she is happy in her new home!

Springtime Fun for Kids Roundup


I just love when Spring arrives!  Everything starts to turn green, the temperature gets warmer, and there is a freshness in the air!  And, like many of you, my fingers itch to get crafting for Easter and Spring decor.

Today, though, I’m going to put together some fun crafts and ideas for the kids! ¬†They will help get their little spirits in the Springtime mood, and make a fun afternoon for you to spend together! ¬†I look forward to doing some of these with my own grandkids!

By Alessandra over at asparklylifeforme.com

Alessandra at A Sparkly Life for Me had a very original idea that lots of children will go “roaring” mad for! ¬†Who says it HAS to be a bunny? ¬†I say this idea is grrrreat! ¬†Click the image to go to her post and see all her images and a list of items she used, so you can create your own unique pre-historic Easter!

By Brandy at gluesticksblog.com

This is just so clever! ¬†This fun craft will allow you to give the kids flowers they can plant over and over again! ¬†So simple! ¬†Go check out Brandy’s post by clicking the image above!

By Liza at viewsfromtheville.com

Now, I just have to say that Liza has the cutest critters I have seen so far this Spring!  And they are a perfect do-something-together craft for little fingers!  Click on the image to go to Views From the Ville and find out how you can make your own!

By Angie at thecountrychiccottage.net

Oh my goodness! ¬†How I love this idea! ¬†Angie over at The Country Chic Cottage has a seriously cute craft that the kiddos will flip for! ¬†Coloring AND glue?? ¬†I mean, what’s not to love?? ¬†LOL ¬†Click the image to find out exactly how they made theirs!

By Lisa at mythoughtsideasandramblings.com

Well, you may or may not want the kids helping with this one, but if you don’t, it will be one heck of a Mom Win when you pull them out!!! ¬†These bunny butt cupcakes have got to be my favorite! ¬†Lisa nailed it! ¬†Click the image to go to her site and learn how to make them for your little Easter bunnies!

Which of these fun ideas is YOUR favorite? ¬†Do you have one you’d like to share? ¬†Go ahead and post it in the comments section! ¬†Now… Get Hopping!!!

“B” is for Batman Birthday!

clayton batman cake
This is Clayton (and Batman)!¬† He turned 3 this weekend!¬† They had a little party for him at McDonald’s, and his Aunt Sammy made him a Batman cake!¬† He was super excited about it!¬† Especially when Batman was holding the candles.¬† Although, that didn’t last long, as Batman decided the moment after this photo was a good time to take a leap off the cake.¬† LOL¬† Don’t worry.¬† No superheros were harmed in the making of this birthday party!¬† ūüėČ

I think Clayton had a good time!  He got lots of presents, and had a great time playing with the other kids!  He got really excited to see that he got several puzzles and bubbles!

He spent the night with us a few days before his party, and this was his favorite activity!¬† I think he’s going to be my little artist!¬† He loves to draw or color or something like that when he’s here!¬† He made three masterpieces while he was at it.¬† So, aside from puzzles for his birthday, as requested, we also got him a set of watercolors and some nice paper to paint with at home!¬† I can’t wait to see what beautiful creations he comes up with!