A few tidbits for you

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. I guess I was in a funk, but chronic pain can do that to you. Thank you for being patient!

One thing that happened this summer is that this (at the time the youngest) grandson learned how to walk!

And his bigger brother kept searching around his house calling out for me.  “Mawmaw…”  You know, in very sensible places like closets, the kitchen cabinets, and under the chairs.  LOL

The oldest of the grandboys started school!  And developed a new hobby.  Collecting acorns!

And next oldest started Headstart!  It’s so exciting to ride the school bus!!!

The latest big excitement was a new grandboy!  Grandma (me) was just enchanted!

And Great Grandma was just as tickled as she could be!

Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother were all so happy!  It’s hard work being a big brother, but he’s ready for it!

And to end the summer… my lovely baby girl enjoyed Grandpa’s roses!