Wordless Wednesday Jan 17 2018

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Wordless Wednesday


Lucinda Collins, mother of Bessie, grandmother of Clara, great-grandmother of Shannon (me!).

Ok, so it’s not completely wordless.  This is Lucinda Collins, my great grandmother.  🙂


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I'm a WV wife, mom, and grandma!I love animals, arts & crafts, and nature.I'm very interested in the Law of Attraction and how we are all connected.I am interested in many things, and my blog will reflect that, so you will see a variety of things here, from family and pets, to cooking, and working at home.You just never know!
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2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday Jan 17 2018

  1. Well, hey there girlfriend guess who’s following all your social networks that I could find!!!! 🙂 YEP, ME! For a minute there I thought you were describing my blog because I do the same as you… PLUS!!! Very cool! So Lucinda Collins is your great Grandmother??? Is she related to Barabas Collins? ~hehehe~ Sorry!!! Devil made me do it…. oh wait, maybe you never heard of the series called, “Dark Shadows”??? It’s an old show, but they did come out with a movie about it and Johnny Depp played Barabas!!! Yes? No? Oh well, I’m silly!!! SORRY! I thought you might get ribbed about that today, but now that I look around…. guess I’m the only one! 🙁 OH WELL! Hope we can become new friends and have a great evening! hugs

    1. Heyyy!! Thank you for visiting and following! I’ll have to go make sure I got you followed everywhere too! I think I did something, but I can’t remember for sure. LOL That’s my memory for ya. Oh I would love it if I was related to Barnabus! I have heard of the old show, but haven’t watched it, but I adore the movie! And Johnny Depp… I mean… it’s Johhny Depp!!! *Swoon* I appreciate you visiting my site! I’m trying to really work at it now, so I’m sure it will get more, but I’m glad you did! I don’t know how you ladies keep up with all the blog hopping. LOL Have a good weekend!

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